Services and Prices

I offer a range of different therapy options:

You may find it difficult to decide which one would be most helpful, but we will talk this through at your assessment session and agree on a treatment plan. Many people need a combination of approaches, and we can include this in your plan if appropriate.

I charge £65 an hour for all the different kinds of therapy I offer. I have a limited number of places for those in financial difficulties to pay a reduced rate (to be negotiated individually) but there is often a waiting list for these places.

I prefer to conduct therapy sessions face-to-face, as this has been shown to be the most effective means of treatment. However, if you have difficulties travelling to my office, or would prefer not to meet in person, I can offer therapy via Skype or telephone.

Want to know more?

Contact me for further details of the services I offer.

NHS alternatives

If you would like to access CBT, counselling, interpersonal therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy groups or longer-term psychotherapy on the NHS, you can ask your GP to refer you. If you want NHS short-term therapy for mild to moderate difficulties you can refer yourself (without going through your GP) to various services in the area. To compare them you can go to the NHS Choices website.