LGBT clients

I have been a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Champion in the NHS since 2009. This role involves advising fellow therapists and managers on best practice for our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients and providing training to raise awareness of issues that can be important to people who are in a gender and/or sexual minority. I identify as lesbian and I am out in all areas of my life.

When working with clients who are exploring their gender identity I do not work with a binary model. I recognise how important it is to understand and respect people’s individual sense of their identity. For example, for those who identify as gender queer it can be difficult to explain to others that they are not going to ‘eventually make up their mind’ and choose one gender or the other. I am comfortable working with the many different variations of gender we have. I also have experience and knowledge of genetic conditions that create intersex presentations.

If you are having relationship problems as a result of exploring or discovering your identity, I am happy to work with you and those close to you in therapy if that would be helpful. It can be a huge adjustment for those around you, and you might not be the only one who needs support.

Want to know more?

Contact me for further details if you’d like more information on my experience with LGBT clients.