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Counselling provides you with a space to talk about your problems and life experiences, giving you a quality of listening and empathy that is unusual in everyday life. In counselling sessions, I will help you to process your feelings and find ways to cope more effectively or move on, depending on what is appropriate for your situation

Counselling is a useful approach for people who have had major life changes such as:

  • bereavement
  • redundancy
  • difficulties in relationships
  • health issues

It can be hard to process your feelings about changes when you are having to maintain your performance at work or when you are trying to be strong for others around you. Counselling is a safe place to express how you actually feel and work things through without fear of judgement.

I have training in different approaches of counselling and my approach is now integrative. This means that I draw on my training and experience to work out what would be most helpful to you for your particular difficulties.

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