Hi, I'm Rachel Phillips, MSc CBT, PG Dip PST, PG Dip Couns, CC Cert Relate and I provide CBT and counselling for adults in Nottingham

I help people who are feeling like an outsider, worrying about not being accepted and wondering which way to turn. Through non-judgemental understanding, I provide a space where you can finally relax and be yourself.

Together, we'll explore how to get to a place where your ups and downs in life are manageable instead of overwhelming.

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If you feel sad and lonely, I'm here to listen and help. You are not alone

When you're making major decisions about changing your life and going through big transitions, it is not surprising that you feel lost. If you're depressed it makes every day hard work.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all that's going on. You may be feeling:

• unable to progress
• unsure what choices to make
• lonely and like you're never going to fit in anywhere
• scared that people will reject you as you are
• confused about the best way forwards

If you are troubled by depression or feeling out of sorts is affecting your ability to live your life, then it may be time to get some help by having therapy.

It Is Possible To Start Feeling That You Belong Somewhere

As your therapist, I will meet you where you are and help you to explore how to move forward to the life you want to have.

There are many benefits to CBT and Counselling

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CBT and counselling can successfully help you when you’re feeling lost and alone. It can help you:

• feel excited about your future
• gain confidence that you can manage what life throws
your way
• know how to look after yourself when things are tough
• deeply accept who you are and that you deserve respect
from others
• appreciate your strengths and how to give yourself
credit for what you have come through

These are just a few of the ways CBT and counselling can help.

Nottingham; Counsellor; counselling; Cognitive Behavioural Therapist; CBT; cognitive behavioural therapy; MBCT; mindfulness; LGBT; Trans; trans-friendly therapy; depression; autistic; autism; aspergers; ASD;

Let's get you to where you want to be!

Getting some psychotherapy can help you move towards your ideal life and find out where you belong. Let’s discover how I can help. Reach out to schedule your first appointment.

If you want to book your first appointment straight away, find out about what to expect in this video on my Homepage. To schedule your first appointment, get in touch now. I'm here for you.

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I've felt different. As a teenager, this led to a severe episode of depression, the first of many since. I know how hard it can be just to get through the day when depression weighs you down. After trying to do the 'normal' thing for years, I came out as gay in my 30's but the feeling of difference continued. It wasn't until I was diagnosed as autistic at the start of 2015 that things finally started to make sense. I hadn't realised that my hyper-empathy could be an autistic trait until I started researching autism in my early 40's.

Whilst working as a psychotherapist in the NHS, I campaigned tirelessly for equality and diversity awareness and action for staff and patients. I was awarded one of the nine annual OSCARS (Outstanding Service Contribution and Recognition Scheme) for Equality and Diversity work by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in 2013. I feel an affinity with people who belong to marginalised groups and I have a strong desire to help them to find acceptance from themselves and others.

My Experience

I received my Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling in 1994 from Nottingham Trent University after working for four years as a volunteer counsellor for Nottingham Rape Crisis Centre, ChildLine and Student Counselling Services.

I worked for the NHS as a counsellor and CBT therapist from 1997 until 2018. During this time, I gained my Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I also worked for 12 years, part-time at Relate, passing my training in relationship therapy and then specialising in psychosexual therapy. I gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy (psychosexual therapy) in 2008.
I am a qualified Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher and have experience running groups. I enjoy providing training for fellow professionals and for interested groups on a diverse range of topics.

My Qualifications And Accreditation

I am fully accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and adhere to the BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

I have the appropriate professional insurance to cover all of my work as a therapist, supervisor and trainer, and I have regular clinical supervision.

• MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Postgraduate Diploma in Relationship Therapy (Psychosexual Therapy)
• Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling
• Relate Certificate in Marital and Couple Counselling
• Trained and experienced teacher of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
• Trained and experienced practitioner of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
• Trained and experienced practitioner of Compassion-Focused Therapy

About Calmer Chameleon Consultancy

Calmer Chameleon Consultancy offers quality therapeutic services to adults. I chose the chameleon as a representation of the transformation that is possible through therapy. You can:

• discover and enhance your strengths
• work on areas you find challenging
• find out what you really want from life
• take the opportunity to change

To be mentally healthy, we need the flexibility to adapt to our environments while maintaining and celebrating our core identity. Chameleons are the ultimate example of environmental flexibility: they demonstrate what can be possible for all of us.

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Services I Offer

This website explains the various services I can provide, and how each one might be of help to you:

I’ve also provided the answers to some frequently asked questions.
If you’d like to know more, contact me for a chat about what you’re looking for and whether I can help. If I think someone else might be able to support you more effectively, I’ll let you know and help you find the right therapist from my wide network of colleagues in Nottinghamshire.


Since the pandemic, I no longer have an office and I am not seeing new clients. Please check back with this website as  I will update it when I am able to see new clients.